Classes for Children

Dance Classes created for Young Academy Stars!

Private Tuition –

Everyone needs a little helping hand from time to time, so our private coaching sessions are ideal to help you reach your goal or overcome any challenges you have in the studio.

We organise 4-6 weeks of exam booster sessions to achieve your potential in your dance examination

Hyperstagecraft – Tuesdays 5.15pm

A unique concept created at Life & Soul Dance Academy 15 years ago – a crazy combination of dance, singing & drama in one energetic lesson.  Our Stars are taught a wide variety of skills & techniques designed to assist them in the world of professional theatre & TV.  The technique is channelled through a variety of awards & grades in Musical Theatre & Theatrecraft as well as working with a professional singer/performer to encourage their vocal confidence.

Tiny Dancers Musical Movement – Tuesday 4:00-4:30pm

Age guide; 2yrs+

A charming but lively introduction to the magical world of dance introducing styles from Ballet to Disco.  Great for boosting confidence, coordination & fun with movement.  Perfect springboard to get your child into dance, whilst knowing you’re being taught by professional teachers.

Tiny Tappers & Ballet Pointers – Tuesday     4-4:45pm

Our Tiny Stars are guided through basic technique whilst exploring their creativity & self-expression in our ballet & Tap dancing inspired class.  Our Tiny Dancers celebrate their progress by taking IDTA Rosettes & Pre-Juvenile Group awards alongside their Teacher.

Primary Ballet & Tap – Tuesday 4:15-5:15pm 

Age guide; 6yrs+

A wonderful foundation for every budding dancer – Our Tiny Stars move onto Graded Tap classes & Ballet classes.
We follow a beautiful syllabus to give our dancers the very best start in technique, performance, strength & coordination.  As confidence & capabilities grow Dancers are entered for Preparatory, Primary Grades as well as completing their Rosette series.

Street Dance –Tuesday 5:15-5:45pm

The latest chart music provides a highly energetic soundtrack for our Street Dance Kids.  Dancers are taught a series of fun & lively routines with a large emphasis on showing-off their personalities.  Dancers work towards Solo, Pairs & Group Medal exams in IDTA Street & Freestyle.

Street Dance Jnr –Tuesday 5:45-5:15pm

The latest chart music provides a highly energetic soundtrack for our Street Dance Kids.  Dancers are taught a series of fun & lively routines with a large emphasis on showing-off their personalities.  Dancers work towards Solo, Pairs & Group Medal exams in IDTA Street & Freestyle.

Contemporary Dance Classes – Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm

8yrs & above

‘Art in motion’ is the best way for us to describe Contemporary Dance – as this style draws upon a number of dance genres including Ballet, Jazz and Lyrical. Powerful, expressive and hugely satisfying for the expressive and curious dancer; it is a must for dancers studying GCSE, A’level & BTEC Dance! Students must attend Ballet training to qualify for this class

Aspire Workshops –Tuesday 7:30-8:00pm

‘Stretching’ your abilities with Flex & Prep, our popular fitness class to boost your stamina, flexibility and strength.   Think 42nd Street meets Fred Astaire with our Tap Top-Up class; whatever your Tap dancing grade, you can join us to really get your feet tapping!  Our Leaps & Turns class will really get you in a spin! Join us with this class to improve your technique and agility. Our brand new Aspire Workshops; to get the best from your dance training.

Acro Modern Jazz – Wednesday 4:00-4:45pm

Our Acro (acrobatic) Modern Jazz class will stretch you (quite literally) into learning gymnastic inspired movements and steps to perform great routines whilst learning the IDTA Modern Jazz Dance syllabus.

Ballet Classes –  Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday Classical Ballet & Pointe Prep – 6:00-6:30pm
Wednesday Grade 1 Ballet – 4:45-5:30pm
Wednesday Grade 3 Ballet – 4:45-5:30pm
Wednesday Grade 4 Ballet – 7:45-8:45pm
Wednesday Grade 5 Ballet – 7.45-8:45pm

The backbone to every dancer’s training and a must for every aspiring performer.  Forget the old-fashioned preconceptions, our Ballet Classes are taught classically with a modern twist to both empower & inspire.  Our Dance Academy prides itself on the high standard of results we achieve and the success of our dancers.  It’s never too late to start & never too young to begin as the benefits of Ballet Classes are well documented & the lessons learnt are invaluable.

Want to know more about our Adult Ballet Classes? Click HERE to find out more.

Tap Classes –  Wednesday

Wednesday Grade 1 Tap – 5:30-6:15pm
Wednesday Grade 3 Tap – 6:15-7:00pm
Wednesday Grade 5 Tap – 6.15-7.00pm

A wondrous tap class where the feet become the dancers’ musical instrument.  Jazz Tap has a timeless appeal & there is nothing more wonderful than tapping your way through a great piece of music. From Fred Astaire to the recent athletic performers of Tap Dogs & Stomp our tap class will become addictive.

Modern Jazz Classes – Wednesday

Grade Grade 1 Acro ModernJazz – 4.00-4.45pm
Grade 3 Modern Jazz – 5:30-6:15pm
Grade 4 Modern Jazz- 7:00-7:45pm
Intermediate Modern Jazz- 7:00-7:45pm

6yrs & above

An exciting dance genre that teaches a range of movements in a variety of styles.  Great at strengthening dancers, encouraging the widest range of flexibility and improving power on the dance floor.  Dancers perform to a range of musical styles and is the perfect accompaniment to Ballet classes to put all the technique to great use.

Singing & Vocal Coaching – Arts Award and Trinity – Tuesdays 4:15pm

In the competitive world of showbiz, every aspiring performing needs to understand how to use their voice and protect their vocal health.  Our professional coach with a wealth of industry insight will bring your singing confidence to new levels.

Best if combined with a One to One session with our Vocal Coaches

GCSE Dance

If you want to understand the art of choreography, build a greater appreciate of dance works and study inspiring dance practitioners, then this is the course for you!  Do what you love and you’ll always find success… so add another qualification to your portfolio.


“All the world’s a stage” & with LAMDA Speech & Drama classes you can be that bit closer to being an accomplished actor with a real understanding of your craft.

Taught as a group & individually, our Drama expert will help you get under the surface of the script and bring the words to life

Train towards grades & medals to achieve UCAS points to assist your pathway into Performing Arts or Drama Schools.